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We are a network of software engineering professionals who focus on solutions, not the tech.

How we Help

Ready-made teams

Build Circle pull our network of engineers together to generate teams with pre-established great working relationships.

A solid support network

We provide additional support to our placed teams, using our trusted circle of experts to help provide a different perspective and additional onsite guidence.

A focus on team culture

From brown bags to meet-ups, Build Circle can influence your internal culture, guiding you to ensure agile processes and helping to build a strong, reputable tech team.

Technical advice and direction

Build Circle can place an expert in your team for a short period, at short notice, assisting you with due diligence and architectural guidance when beginning a new venture. 

Our Clients



"Currently, we are on a significant transformation journey to set ourselves up for our next phase of growth. It’s an exciting time and one that needs significant resources. This is why we have been working with Build Circle to provide us with some exceptional talent to help us deliver our technology strategy.

We were pleased to see how well the Build Circle consultants were able to embed themselves within our engineering team and support knowledge sharing and continuous learning for everyone. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for support with projects in the cloud or implementing a DevOps culture." 

Gordon Pretorius, Director of Engineering, Moonpig

Coyote Software

"At a difficult time for Coyote, we had to find a development partner that could we could trust, to help us deliver a business critical project. They have gone way beyond our expectations, proving themselves to be incredible development partners. After taking the time to understand our domain, systems and problems they placed two engineers that have been incredible assets to the team. 

Not only that, but the value we have got from using BuildCircle over a traditional recruitment model is a game changer for us. There is no question whether will be using them again!"

Greg Emes, Head of Development @ Coyote Software

London API Meetup

Come join us at our Monthly catch up. Focusing on all backend development processes from Cloud, best practices, CI and more...

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