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Build Circle are a software consultancy founded with a difference. Built upon a Software engineer culture that promotes engineering innovation and technical passion. We help companies achieve technical excellence from the bottom up, providing top quality software engineers backed by an unrivalled support network of engineering professionals. We excel at overcoming the technical issues faced by so many teams when working towards digital transformation. Our engineers can then help you implement agile methodologies without technical constraints being an issue.


Ready-made teams

Build Circle pull our network of engineers together to generate teams with pre-established great working relationships.

A solid support network

We provide additional support to our placed teams, using our trusted circle of experts to help provide a different perspective and additional onsite guidence.

A focus on team culture

From brown bags to meet-ups, Build Circle can influence your internal culture, guiding you to ensure agile processes and helping to build a strong, reputable tech team.

Technical advice and direction

Build Circle can place an expert in your team for a short period, at short notice, assisting you with due diligence and architectural guidance when beginning a new venture. 


When talented engineers work together, they become even better. Join the Circle and work with a serious talent pool of engineers. Wherever, you're placed, you'll have the benefit of having access to the Circle for advice or to bounce ideas around - plus plenty of opportunities for networking, training, social events and much more. 


Build Circle member Nikos Katsikanis has pulled together this amazing tutorial for us.

A two part walk through for building fullstack Serverless apps in AWS.

LondonAPI Meetup

Come join us at our Monthly catch up. Focusing on all backend development processes from Cloud, best practices, CI and more...

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